I Did A Thing – My “200 word RPG” Entry

Good day all!

My games design journey has officially begun. I’ve been trawling reddit, trying to get involved in the community and I found a post promoting the 200 word RPG challenge. This is pretty much as it says on the tin; you have to write a fully playable Role Playing Game in only 200 words. Well this was a challenge that I couldn’t really pass up, so I strapped my dev-boots on and got working.

Previously I was sitting down to wade into Project Power, which will be a very long process even to get a first draft of the rules done, when I saw this little gem of a project; so I hopped to it! Last night I must have been fairly inspired because I hammered it out in only a few hours and was very happy with the result; so I posted it off and huzzah!

I give you the official release of “One Must Ascend” 0.1 (200 word version)

One Must Ascend:-

You are a God – describe your aspects (Fire, Love, etc.) – Start the game with a pool of ten power tokens.

Take one action per turn:

War: Pick someone; your followers fight theirs. Both describe how and where.

Divine Council*

The winner rolls 2d6, the loser 1d6 – whoever rolls highest takes the difference, in tokens, from the other.

Worship: add one token to your pool.

Quest: Describe your hero and their quest and add up to three tokens to it. Any other god may describe a challenge for them to face. The questing god then describes how the hero tackles it.

Divine Council*

Hero wins – add one token from the challenger’s pool to the quest.
Challenger wins – Take one token from the quest and add it to their pool.

Repeat until no more challenges are offered.
The questing god then doubles the tokens, adding them to their pool.

Ascend – Commit any number of tokens. Any god may commit tokens to cancel yours out. If any remain at the end, you win. All tokens committed are removed from play.

*All gods not involved must decide who wins, by majority. No draws allowed. The council can demand more description to decide.


As you can see, there is plenty of scope for back and forths between mortal enemies and amazing stories crafted from your imagination and the barebones mechanics! There are elements of chance and strategy and potential for politics with enough players.

This will be put into my playtest list and refined, but if anyone possibly takes a look at this and actually plays it, well I’d love to hear from you 🙂

’til next time you beautiful nerds; game on.


Link to the competition site: https://200wordrpg.github.io/

Author: John Steadman

One half of the dynamic Steadman Society duo! I am a reading and writing machine, ready to hoover up all knowledge and spit it back out with a (hopefully somewhat interesting) creative twist! I also design games!

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