Modelling Monday – Kustom Battlewagons

Hello dear reader!

Today I’m going to show you the Kustom Battlewagons I made about a year ago. Before I talk about them, let me show you a picture of the Games Workshop stock Battlewagon from their website:

This is a very cool model with a lot of customisation options. I originally got my Ork army as a model-swap; I used to have a sizeable Tau army, but I’m very into kitbashing and Tau didn’t have anywhere near as much scope for it as Orks do. Okay, let’s see my babies.

There they are. I spent an awful long time altering them to fit the look and feel of what I wanted from my Orky Tanks. You might notice that I removed all the wheels from them; I am not a big fan of half-track looking vehicles, I wanted only tracks, so I actually moved the tracks from the back half of the wagons to the middle of each, giving them a bit more of a squat look, which I really like.

I used plasticard to build up the hull and back cabins of the wagons so i could fit all the sponsons and turrets onto them, that big kannon/killkannon turret on the back is totally scratch-built from plasticard too. I had a great time figuring out and building these guys.

Above is a better picture which really shows mst of the modifications I made to them. Each have four big shootas on sponsons designed to look like thw hole wagon is bristling with firepower. The lower wagon has a casemated Kannon too. All the big shootas are removable for ease of storage and customisation.

A later addition was the built up areas around the front of the wagons. When I took off the wheels and moved the tracks, the fronts looked a little skinny, so I decided to go ahead and bolt on a load of scrap bitz to give them that classing big-jaw look of the stock wagon.

These two are a joy to field and I whole-heartedly encourage anyone o get creative (and destructive) with their kitbashes, it really is a satisfying experience.

Until next week! Happy gaming.

Warhammer 40K And The Joy Of Making

Hello dear reader!

I have been busy over the last few weeks. In my previous post, I made various statements about what me and Emma wish to do this year. All of this has been pulled into sharp focus over the last week or so as I have been battling a furious illness, but I’m now on the mend!

What I’m here to talk about is my love of Warhammer, specifically 40K, which has somewhat taken over my life of late. There is a gaming cafe quite close to me that opened midway through last year and for the longest time I have wanted a place to go to play my games, specifically Warhammer. I noticed that while they had a limited stock they didn’t really have a time or place for people to play the game.

So, I approached them at the end of last year to basically volunteer to start a “learn to play Warhammer” session on tuesday evenings and it’s going amazingly well! Every time I arrive with my models, there are more people wanting to learn and to get their models onto the table; to me, it just shows that if you just give people the opportunity, they will show up and participate.

This has led to me investing a bit more time and money into my armies. I collect Orks and for the longest time, this was the only army I did collect, but in the interest of having two armies, one for me to play and one to loan out, I have started a Deathwatch army.

deathwatch army painted undercoated
First pass on undercoating, almost ready to purge the Xenos.

I’ve never collected an Imperium army before and I wanted one that would cater to my needs: low model count(because Orks), high special abilities and lots of customisation options. I also had ten random terminators hanging around so something that would allow me to utilise them would be handy.

I must say, I think Deathwatch are one of the most fun armies I have ever had the pleasure of modeling and playing. Because the lore of the army means that they are special forces with a predilection towards fighting aliens (and equipping stolen alien technology, it gave me loads of scope for kitbashing and making MY DUDES; so I have been having a great time snipping, gluing and tweaking to get them just as I want them. They are so fun to play on the battlefield too.

bitz box crafting custom open toolbox
My box of tricks!

Next, I need to convert one of my terminators into a chaplain, I think I’m going to try and record the process and put it on our youtube channel, follow the link below and subscribe to check that out when I upload it in a day or two!

terminator model conversion project
His devotion will be tested once I snip him into shape!

Until next time, have fun and be happy.