Modelling Monday – Kustom Battlewagons

Hello dear reader!

Today I’m going to show you the Kustom Battlewagons I made about a year ago. Before I talk about them, let me show you a picture of the Games Workshop stock Battlewagon from their website:

This is a very cool model with a lot of customisation options. I originally got my Ork army as a model-swap; I used to have a sizeable Tau army, but I’m very into kitbashing and Tau didn’t have anywhere near as much scope for it as Orks do. Okay, let’s see my babies.

There they are. I spent an awful long time altering them to fit the look and feel of what I wanted from my Orky Tanks. You might notice that I removed all the wheels from them; I am not a big fan of half-track looking vehicles, I wanted only tracks, so I actually moved the tracks from the back half of the wagons to the middle of each, giving them a bit more of a squat look, which I really like.

I used plasticard to build up the hull and back cabins of the wagons so i could fit all the sponsons and turrets onto them, that big kannon/killkannon turret on the back is totally scratch-built from plasticard too. I had a great time figuring out and building these guys.

Above is a better picture which really shows mst of the modifications I made to them. Each have four big shootas on sponsons designed to look like thw hole wagon is bristling with firepower. The lower wagon has a casemated Kannon too. All the big shootas are removable for ease of storage and customisation.

A later addition was the built up areas around the front of the wagons. When I took off the wheels and moved the tracks, the fronts looked a little skinny, so I decided to go ahead and bolt on a load of scrap bitz to give them that classing big-jaw look of the stock wagon.

These two are a joy to field and I whole-heartedly encourage anyone o get creative (and destructive) with their kitbashes, it really is a satisfying experience.

Until next week! Happy gaming.